1881 census information for Halliday family

1881 census entries for Halliday households in Sidney and Belleville
NameGenderAgePlace of birthReligionOriginOccupation
Hallowday, Robert M 27 Quebec Episcopal Methodist African Labourer
Hallowday, Ann F 26 Ontario Episcopal Methodist Indian -
Hallowday, John M 24 Ontario Episcopal Methodist African -
Holiday, James M 20 Ontario Episcopal Methodist African Servant
Holady, Jane F 14 Ontario C. Methodist African Servant
Hallady, Hannera [Anora] F 14 Ontario Episcopal Methodist African Servant

The spellings may be varied, but these young people were all members of the same family. The three youngest members: James, Jane and Hannera, were all working in other people's homes as servants in 1881, while their older brothers, Robert and John, were living on part of lot 31 of the second concession of Sidney Township. The eldest, Robert, was married to an Indigenous woman, Ann.

All were working in Sidney Township except Jane, who was living with a family in Belleville. In the 1891 census there was a Jane Halliday working for John J. B. Flint (adopted son of Billa Flint) and his wife, Eliza, in Belleville. This might be the same person, although her age was given as 19 in 1891.

At the time of the 1871 census the Hallidays were living with their parents William (60) and Mary (38, formerly Mary Green), who were both born in the United States. They were listed as tenants on part of lot 9 in the first concession of North Marysburgh township in Prince Edward County, close to Lake on the Mountain.

1871 census listing for Halliday family

More information about the subsequent history of the family is available from the newspaper obituary for Robert Halliday, published on 25 June 1912 in The Daily Ontario:

Obituary for Robert Halliday, 1912.


Robert Halliday passed away yesterday at his home on the Marshall Road, Sidney after three years illness with tuberculosis. He was born in Montreal 62 years ago, but had spent the greater part of his life in the township of Sidney, where he was known as an industrious farmer. In religion he was a methodist. He leaves a widow but no family. Two brothers survive, John of Sidney and James of Sarnia, besides two sisters in Belleville, Mrs. Janie Stapley and Miss Anora. The late Mr. Halliday was highly respected in this vicinity.

Jane Halliday married John Stapley; she died of heart disease at the age of 50 on 13 September 1918. John Halliday died in Sidney Township on 13 February 1929. His obituary suggests that his surviving sister, Anora, had married a man called Johnson and was living in Toronto. Robert's wife, Ann, died in 1939. According to Ann's obituary in The Ontario Intelligencer, she was born on Wolfe Island, the child of Mr. and Mrs. David Barnhardt. James Halliday died on 13 June 1945.