1881 census information for Buckner family

1881 census entries for Buckner family in Belleville
NameGenderAgePlace of birthReligionOriginOccupation
Buckner, Charles A. M 51 Ontario Church of England African Labourer
Buckner, Sarah F 51 Ireland Church of England Irish -
Buckner, Mary Jane F 12 Ontario Church of England African -

Charles Alexander Buckner married twice in Belleville: firstly on 11 March 1873 to Florinda Marie Steven, who was living with him at the time of the 1871 census, and was also listed as having African origins. His second marriage was on 1 October 1874 to Sarah Harrison, an Irish widow whose birth name was Arnott. 

Charles Buckner's name appears in The Daily Intelligencer, in connection with a legal case. On 29 January 1881 he was charged in the Police Court:

1881 report of theft by Charles Buckner.

Police Court.

(Before Thos. Holden, Esq., P.M. [Police Magistrate]

Saturday, Jan. 29.

Clothes Line Robbery.

Charles Buckner was charged with stealing a quantity of clothing from a line in Mr. M. A. Plasse's yard. Eddie Cochrin, a boy 9 years old, deposed that he saw prisoner take the clothes from the line, and spoke to him, asking him if they were his, to which prisoner replied that they were. Was but a short distance form him, and could not be mistaken as to the person, it was not so dark but that he could see it was a colored man. The prisoner was remanded until Monday.

Another case involving Charles Buckner was dismissed in January 1878, when he was accused of "tearing down and carrying away a house, the property of A. H. Wallbridge." At the time of the 1861 census, Buckner's address was given as the Kingston Penitentiary. It is not clear what happened to Buckner and his family after 1881.