Front page of The Expositor newspaper of 11 December 1857.

One of the major Community Archives projects of 2020 has been the digitization of some of the newspapers in the collection. These range from titles where only a single issue survives, such as The Expositor  of 11 December 1857, pictured here, to long runs of newspapers such as The Weekly Ontario and Bay of Quinte Chronicle. This publication was in existence from 1841 to 1930, when its owner at the time, William Herbert Morton, bought The Intelligencer and the two newspapers merged.

The Community Archives holds several runs of The Weekly Ontario for complete years between 1913 and 1924. The newspaper covered local news, but it also included stories from the provincial, national and international spheres, in a way that is quite different from the local newspapers of today.

Front page of The Weekly Ontario for 4 November 1920 with report on the election of Warren Harding.

The front page of The Weekly Ontario  of 4 November 1920, for example, reported on the result of the United States’ presidential election, when Warren Harding won by a landslide.

Local news from Frankford in 1920. "FRANKFORD Mr. and Mrs. Herman of Trenton spent Monday and Tuesday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Murney also Mr. and Mrs. Charles Herman, Sr., in town. Mr. and Mrs. Lome Hubble and Miss G.E. Sine were in Belleville on Tuesday and in the afternoon the ladies attended the Provincial S.S. Convention at Bridge St. Methodist Church. Mrs. Heagle of Hoard’s spent Thursday afternoon and evening with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Badgley. The ladies of Trinity Church Guild met at the home of Mrs. Jim Carr and quilted two quilts for their missionary box on Tuesday af­ternoon. Miss Ethel Bush has been ill and under the doctor’s care for the past week. We hope she will soon be bet­ter.These papers also report on hyper-local information, with details of personal illness and injuries and the arrival of out-of-town visitors that seem intrusive to a modern reader. If your family was living in Belleville or the Quinte area 100 years ago, you may well find information about them and their activities in these newly-digitized pages.

Over the course of this year's project we have been able to share more than 800 newspapers online. That's around 12,000 pages!

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